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Friday, June 4, 2021

Restore a search service application to another SharePoint farm

 The below script helps in restoring a search service application to another sharepoint farm. Before running below script, you need to take a back up of existing Search DB's ( with or without crawl db) to the new farms SQL server.

$saAppPoolName = "SearchService_AdminAppPool"

# Search Specifics, we are single server farm

$searchServerName = (Get-ChildItem env:computername).value

#Web Front End servers

$hostA = ""Server1"

$hostB = ""Server2"

#Servers hosting Search Components

$hostD = "Server1"

$hostE = "Server2" #In case of running components on multiple servers.

$IndexLocation = "F:\Apps\SearchIndex"

$serviceAppName = "Search Service Application"

$searchDBName = "Search Admin DB"

# Grab the Appplication Pool for Service Application Endpoint

$saAppPool = Get-SPServiceApplicationPool $saAppPoolName

# Start Search Service Instances

Write-Host "Starting Search Service Instances..."

#Start-SPEnterpriseSearchServiceInstance $searchServerName

#Start-SPEnterpriseSearchQueryAndSiteSettingsServiceInstance $searchServerName

# Create the Search Service Application and Proxy

Write-Host "Creating Search Service Application and Proxy..."

$searchInstance = Get-SPEnterpriseSearchServiceInstance -local

$searchServiceApp = Restore-SPEnterpriseSearchServiceApplication -Name $serviceAppName -ApplicationPool $saAppPoolName -AdminSearchServiceInstance $searchInstance -DatabaseName $searchDBName

$searchProxy = New-SPEnterpriseSearchServiceApplicationProxy -Name "Service Application and Proxy" -SearchApplication $searchServiceApp

# Clone the default Topology (which is empty) and create a new one and then activate it

Write-Host "Configuring Search Component Topology..."

$clone = $searchServiceApp.ActiveTopology.Clone()

#$searchServiceInstance = Get-SPEnterpriseSearchServiceInstance

$searchServiceInstance1 = Get-SPEnterpriseSearchServiceInstance -Identity $hostD

$searchServiceInstance2 = Get-SPEnterpriseSearchServiceInstance -Identity $hostE

#We need only two admin component

New-SPEnterpriseSearchAdminComponent -SearchTopology  $clone -SearchServiceInstance $searchServiceInstance1

New-SPEnterpriseSearchAdminComponent -SearchTopology  $clone -SearchServiceInstance $searchServiceInstance2

#We need two content processing components

New-SPEnterpriseSearchContentProcessingComponent -SearchTopology  $clone -SearchServiceInstance $searchServiceInstance1

#New-SPEnterpriseSearchContentProcessingComponent -SearchTopology $clone -SearchServiceInstance $searchServiceInstance2

#We need two analytics processing components

New-SPEnterpriseSearchAnalyticsProcessingComponent -SearchTopology  $clone -SearchServiceInstance $searchServiceInstance1

#New-SPEnterpriseSearchAnalyticsProcessingComponent -SearchTopology  $clone -SearchServiceInstance $searchServiceInstance2

#We need two crawl components

New-SPEnterpriseSearchCrawlComponent -SearchTopology  $clone -SearchServiceInstance $searchServiceInstance1

#New-SPEnterpriseSearchCrawlComponent -SearchTopology  $clone -SearchServiceInstance $searchServiceInstance2

#We need two query processing components

New-SPEnterpriseSearchQueryProcessingComponent -SearchTopology  $clone -SearchServiceInstance $searchServiceInstance1

New-SPEnterpriseSearchQueryProcessingComponent -SearchTopology  $clone -SearchServiceInstance $searchServiceInstance2

New-SPEnterpriseSearchIndexComponent -SearchTopology $clone -SearchServiceInstance $searchServiceInstance1 -RootDirectory $IndexLocation -IndexPartition 0

New-SPEnterpriseSearchIndexComponent -SearchTopology $clone -SearchServiceInstance $searchServiceInstance2 -RootDirectory $IndexLocation -IndexPartition 0

#New-SPEnterpriseSearchAdminComponent –SearchTopology $clone -SearchServiceInstance $searchServiceInstance

#New-SPEnterpriseSearchContentProcessingComponent –SearchTopology $clone -SearchServiceInstance $searchServiceInstance

#New-SPEnterpriseSearchAnalyticsProcessingComponent –SearchTopology $clone -SearchServiceInstance $searchServiceInstance

#New-SPEnterpriseSearchCrawlComponent –SearchTopology $clone -SearchServiceInstance $searchServiceInstance

#New-SPEnterpriseSearchIndexComponent –SearchTopology $clone -SearchServiceInstance $searchServiceInstance

#New-SPEnterpriseSearchQueryProcessingComponent –SearchTopology $clone -SearchServiceInstance $searchServiceInstance


Get-SPEnterpriseSearchTopology -SearchApplication $ssa

# Additional

$ssa = Get-SPEnterpriseSearchServiceApplication "Search Service Application" 

 $admin = Get-SPEnterpriseSearchAdministrationComponent -SearchApplication $ssa

 $admin | Set-SPEnterpriseSearchAdministrationComponent -SearchServiceInstance $searchServiceInstance1 -Force 

 $si = Get-SPEnterpriseSearchServiceInstance -Identity a007f95c-e67e-4150-ab8f-7fff8a71d5b6

$varSearchApp = get-spenterprisesearchserviceapplication

Set-SPEnterpriseSearchAdministrationComponent -SearchApplication $varSearchApp -SearchServiceInstance $si

Feel free to reply in case of any queries

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

SharePoint Server: "The search service is not able to connect to the machine that hosts the administration component"


The search service is not able to connect to the machine that hosts the administration component. Verify that the administration component ‘GUID’ in search application ‘Search Service Application’ is in a good state and try again
In Farm Search Administration page when you click on “Modify Topology” you get error “An unhandled exception occurred in the user interface.Exception Information: Exception has been thrown by the target of an”


Search is not able to connect is because of many reasons, In this article I am providing all possible causes and the solutions.


Solution 1

In the end it turns out to be that the application pool that hosts the search service application somehow doesn’t have the correct access.

You can simply change the application pool to use SharePoint Web Services System for search service applications and check.
1. Click on Start > Run > Type Inetmgr > Click OK0094 

  1. In IIS > Expand server > Expand sites > Expand “SharePoint Web Services”
  2. Now check all the GUID 1 by 1 in content view unless you find searchadmin.svc and searchservice.svc
  3. Right click GUID go to advance settings
  4. Change the application to “SharePoint Web Services” > Click OK

Solution 2

Enable the timer job and do IIS reset:
1. Run below PS command to know the status of timer job
Get-SPTimerJob job-application-server-admin-service
Result ==> Is Disabled: True
  1. Run below PS command to enable the service.
    Enable-SPTimerJob job-application-server-admin-service
    Result ==> IsDisabled: False
  2. Do Net Stop sptimerv4
  3. Do Net start sptimerv4
  4. Do iisreset

Solution 3

Ensure the account has full control permissions on the Search service application and IIS account used by this service application
Follow below steps
1. Open Central Admin  > Select Security > Select “Configure service accounts”

  1. Select the search service application
  2. For “select account for this component” Select a account which has full permission

SharePoint 2013 "The search service is not able to connect to the machine that hosts the administration component"


SharePoint Server: 

"The search service is not able to connect to the machine that hosts the administration component" after August 2018 CU


You need to check the EventViewer after installing August 2018 CU binaries and you can see there is a backward compatibility issue for the Search database if you are applying the patch directly after SP1.

EventViewer Log
"The synchronization operation of the search component: 5a44ee64-4c85-4c9e-a5f6-6098cf079cb1 associated to the search application: Search Service Application on server: DXXXXXV has failed. The component version is not compatible with the search database: SharePoint_Search_AdminDB_CrawlStore on server: DBPROD. The possible cause for this failure is The database schema version is less than the minimum backwards compatibility schema version that is supported for this component. To resolve this problem upgrade this database.."


Run the PSConfig and it will upgrade Search databases Schema and which will bring the search up and running.

Monday, July 9, 2018

AppFabric (Distributed Cache)- Patched on its own in SharePoint 2013

Patching SharePoint is one of those things I enjoy. The excitement of unwrapping a brand new SharePoint patch is second only to getting a new tie or socks on Christmas morning. When I heard this news I just had to share it with you all. We get to patch AppFabric now! Hurray!
SharePoint 2013 introduced some new functionality, the Distributed Cache. Simply put, the Distributed Cache is a service that caches things like authentication tokens and social newsfeeds, stuff like that. The whole list is in this TechNet article. The process that does this is a product called AppFabric, and it’s installed and configured when you run the SharePoint 2013 Prereq installer. AppFabric is a standalone product, but it’s best to let SharePoint handle the installation and configuration. The Distributed Cache took a page out of the User Profile Service’s book. It can be very fussy when it’s angry.
When SharePoint 2013 first came out we were given strict instructions by Microsoft not to fool with the AppFabric pieces of the Distributed Cache. We might fancy ourselves AppFabric experts, but SharePoint wants it a very particular way, so we should use SharePoint tools to interact with that. That included patching. We were told even if an AppFabric patch knocked on our door and asked us nicely to install it, even if it used Sir or Ma’am, we were to say no. We were to let the SharePoint patches take care of patching AppFabric and the Distributed Cache.
Until now.
Recently Microsoft reversed its position on SharePoint administrators patching AppFabric. Not only are we now allowed to patch AppFabric, it’s actually recommended that we patch it to at least CU4.

SharePoint 2013 Build Numbers - Versions

To see which build your farm is, go to Central Administration > System Settings > Manage servers in your farm (/_admin/FarmServers.aspx)
Or using Windows PowerShell: (get-spfarm).buildversion
To see which build your farm is at with Fiddler, open the site in question and view Inspectors > Headers and under Miscellaneous check the build under MicrosoftSharePointTeamServices header.
To see which build your products are, go to Central Administration > Upgrade and Migration > Check Product and patch installation status. (/_admin/PatchStatus.aspx)
To greatly reduce the time it takes to patch a SharePoint 2013 server, read this blog post by Russ Maxwell, Why SharePoint 2013 Cumulative Update takes 5 hours to install? It explains why the process takes so long and provides a handy script that makes the patch install much more quickly. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

Build Number
Build Name
Information Link
Download Link
15.0.4128.1014BetaSharePoint Foundation 2013Download
15.0.4128.1014BetaSharePoint Server 2013Download
15.0.4128.1014BetaProject Server 2013Download
​15.0.4420.1017​RTM​​SharePoint Foundation 2013Download
​​15.0.4420.1017​RTM​SharePoint Server 2013Download
​​15.0.4420.1017​RTM​Project Server 2013Download
​15.0.4433.1506​December 2012 Hotfix​SharePoint Server 2013KB2752058Download
​15.0.4433.1506​December 2012 Hotfix​SharePoint Server 2013 (coreserver)KB2752001Download
​15.0.4481.1005​March 2013 Public Update​SharePoint Foundation 2013KB2768000Download
​​15.0.4481.1005​​March 2013 Public Update​SharePoint Server 2013KB2767999Download
​​15.0.4481.1005​​March 2013 Public Update​Project Server 2013KB2768001Download
​15.0.4505.1002​April 2013 CU​​SharePoint Foundation 2013KB2751999Download
​15.0.4505.1005​​April 2013 CU​SharePoint Server 2013KB2726992Download
​15.0.4505.1005​April 2013 CU​Project Server 2013KB775426Download
​15.0.4517.1003​June 2013 CU​SharePoint Foundation 2013KB2817346Download
​15.0.4517.1005​June 2013 CU​​SharePoint Server 2013KB2817414Download
​June 2013 CU​Project Server 2013KB2817415Download
​15.0.4535.1000​August 2013 CU​​SharePoint Foundation 2013KB2817517Download
​​August 2013 CU​SharePoint Server 2013KB2817616Download
​​August 2013 CU​Project Server 2013KB2817615Download
​15.0.4551.1001​October 2013 CU​SharePoint Foundation 2013KB2825674Download
​15.0.4551.1005​October 2013 CU​SharePoint Server 2013KB2825647Download
​October 2013 CU​Project Server 2013
​15.0.4551.1508​December 2013 CU​SharePoint Foundation 2013KB2849961Download​Bugs, Notes, and Regressions
​15.0.4551.1511​SharePoint Server 2013KB2850024Download
​15.0.4551.1508​Project Server 2013KB2837668Download
​15.0.4569.1000*​Service Pack 1​SharePoint Foundation 2013KB2817439Download
​SharePoint Server 2013KB2817429Download
​Project Server 2013KB2817434Download
​15.0.4571.1502*​Service Pack 1 Mark 2​SharePoint Foundation 2013KB2880551Download

​​​SharePoint Server 2013KB2880552Download

​​​Project Server 2013KB2880553Download
​​15.0.4605.1000​April 2014 CU​​SharePoint Foundation 2013KB2863892Download​​
​​SharePoint Server 2013KB2878240Download
​Project Server 2013KB2880484Download
​15.0.4615.1001​MS14-022​SharePoint Foundation 2013KB2952166​Links in KB
​SharePoint Server 2013KB2952166​Links in KB
​Project Server 2013KB2952166​Links in KB
15.0.4617.1000​June 2014 CUSharePoint Foundation 2013KB2881063Download
​SharePoint Server 2013KB2881061Download
​Project Server 2013KB2881062Download
​ 15.0.4631.1001​July 2014 CU​SharePoint Foundation 2013KB2882999Download​​
​​SharePoint Server 2013KB2882989Download
​Project Server 2013KB2882990Download
​15.0.4641.1001​August 2014 CU​SharePoint Foundation 2013KB2883081Download
​SharePoint Server 2013 (1/5)KB2760213Download
​​SharePoint Server 2013 (2/5)KB2880559Download
​​SharePoint Server 2013 (3/5)KB2883078Download
​​SharePoint Server 2013 (4/5)KB2883085Download
​​SharePoint Server 2013 (5/5)KB2883086Download
​Project Server 2013KB2883083Download
​15.0.4649.1001​September 2014 CU​SharePoint Foundation 2013KB2883087Download
​SharePoint Server 2013KB2883068Download
​Project Server 2013KB2883072Download
​15.0.4659.1001​October 2014 CU​SharePoint Foundation 2013KB2889946Download​​
​SharePoint Server 2013 (1/3)KB2899469Download
​SharePoint Server 2013 (2/3)KB2880962Download
​SharePoint Server 2013 (3/3)KB2880485Download
​Documentum ConnectorKB2752098Download
​Project Server 2013KB2889959Download
​15.0.4667.1000​November 2014 CU​SharePoint Foundation 2013KB2899468Download
​​SharePoint Server 2013KB2889944Download
​Project Server 2013KB2889949Download
​15.0.4675.1000​December 2014 CU​SharePoint Foundation 2013KB2910945Download
​SharePoint Server 2013KB2910938Download
​Project Server 2013KB2910911Download
​15.0.4693.1001​February 2015 CU​​SharePoint Foundation 2013KB2920801Download
​​SharePoint Server 2013KB2920804Download
​​Project Server 2013KB2920796Download
​15.0.4701.1001​March 2015 CU​SharePoint Foundation 2013KB2956159Download
​SharePoint Server 2013KB2956166Download
​Project Server 2013KB2956162Download
​15.0.4711.1000​April 2015 CU​SharePoint Foundation 2013KB2965261Download
​​SharePoint Server 2013KB2965266Download
​Project Server 2013KB2965263Download
​15.0.4719.1002​May 2015 CU​SharePoint Foundation 2013 ​​
​SharePoint Server 2013KB3039780
​Project Server 2013KB3039753
​15.0.4727.1001​June 2015 CU​SharePoint Foundation 2013KB3054864Download
​SharePoint Server 2013KB3054866Download
​Project Server 2013KB3054865Download
​​15.0.4737.1001​July 2015 CU​SharePoint Foundation 2013
​SharePoint Server 2013
​Project Server 2013
​​​15.0.4745.1001​August 2015 CU​​SharePoint Foundation 2013KB3055004 ​​
​SharePoint Server 2013
​​Project Server 2013 Download
​15.0.4753.1000​September 2015 CU
SharePoint Foundation 2013
​SharePoint Server 2013
​Project Server 2013
​15.0.4763.1000​October 2015 CU​SharePoint Foundation 2013KB3085488Download​​
​SharePoint Server 2013KB3085492Download
​Project Server 2013KB3085489Download
​15.0.4771.1000​November 2015 CU​SharePoint Foundation 2013KB3101368Download
​SharePoint Server 2013KB3101373Download
​Project Server 2013KB3101369Download
​15.0.4779.1000​​December 2015 CU​SharePoint Foundation 2013KB3114339Download​​
​SharePoint Server 2013KB3114345Download
​​Project Server 2013KB3114341Download
​15.0.4787.1000​January 2016 CU​SharePoint Foundation 2013KB3114492Download
​SharePoint Server 2013KB3114497Download​
​Project Server 2013KB3114493Download
​15.0.4797.1000​February 2016 CU​SharePoint Foundation 2013KB3114722Download
​​SharePoint Server 2013KB3114726Download
​Project Server 2013KB3114723Download
​15.0.4805.1000​March 2016 CU​SharePoint Foundation 2013KB3114822Download​​
​SharePoint Server 2013KB3114827Download
​Project Server 2013KB3114823Download
​15.0.4815.1000​April 2016 CU​SharePoint Foundation 2013KB3114935Download
​​SharePoint Server 2013KB3114938Download
​​Project Server 2013KB3114936Download
​15.0.4823.1003​May 2016 CU​SharePoint Foundation 2013KB3115023Download
​SharePoint Server 2013KB3115029Download
​Project Server 2013KB3115024Download
​15.0.4833.1003​June 2016 CU​SharePoint Foundation 2013KB3115171Download
​SharePoint Server 2013KB3115174Download
​Project Server 2013KB3115172Download
​15.0.4841.1000​July 2016 CU​SharePoint Foundation 2013KB3115290Download
​SharePoint Server 2013KB3115293Download
​Project Server 2013KB3115291Download
​15.0.4849.1000​August 2016 CU​SharePoint Foundation 2013KB3115447Download
​SharePoint Server 2013KB3115450Download
​Project Server 2013KB3115448Download
​15.0.4859.1000​September 2016 CU​SharePoint Foundation 2013KB3118271Download​​
​SharePoint Server 2013KB3118279Download
​Project Server 2013KB3118274Download
​15.0.4867.1002​October 2016 CU​SharePoint Foundation 2013KB3118361Download​​​
​​SharePoint Server 2013KB3118366Download
​Project Server 2013KB3118365Download
​15.0.4875.1000​November 2016 CU​SharePoint Foundation 2013KB3127930Download​​​​
​SharePoint Server 2013KB3127933Download
​Project Server 2013KB3127931Download
​15.0.4885.1000​December 2016 CU​SharePoint Foundation 2013KB3128001Download
​SharePoint Server 2013KB3128005Download
​Project Server 2013KB3128003Download
​15.0.4893.1001​January 2017 CU​SharePoint Foundation 2013KB3141479Download
​​SharePoint Server 2013KB3141481Download
​Project Server 2013KB3141480Download
​February 2017​No Updates
​15.0.4911.1001​March 2017 CU​SharePoint Foundation 2013KB3172456Download
​SharePoint Server 2013KB3172497Download
​Project Server 2013KB3172462Download
​15.0.4919.1003​April 2017 CU​​SharePoint Foundation 2013​KB3178727Download
​SharePoint Server 2013KB3178730Download
​Project Server 2013KB3178725Download
​15.0.4927.1001​May 2017 CU​​​SharePoint Foundation 2013​KB3191911Download
​SharePoint Server 2013KB3191913Download
​​Project Server 2013KB3191912Download
​15.0.4937.1001​​June 2017 CU​​​SharePoint Foundation 2013​KB3203428Download​​
​​SharePoint Server 2013​KB3203430Download
​​​Project Server 2013KB3203429Download
​15.0.4945.1000​July 2017 CU​SharePoint Foundation 2013​KB3213563Download
​SharePoint Server 2013​KB3213569Download
​Project Server 2013KB3213566Download
​15.0.4953.1000​August 2017 CU​​SharePoint Foundation 2013​KB4011073Download
​​SharePoint Server 2013​​KB4011076Download
​Project Server 2013KB4011074Download
​15.0.4963.1000​September 2017 CU​​​SharePoint Foundation 2013​KB4011132Download
​​​SharePoint Server 2013​​​KB4011116Download
​​Project Server 2013KB4011115Download
​15.0.4971.1000​October 2017 CU​SharePoint Foundation 2013​KB4011173Download
​SharePoint Server 2013​​​KB4011177Download
​Project Server 2013KB4011175Download
​15.0.4981.1002​November 2017 CU​​SharePoint Foundation 2013​KB4011248Download
​​SharePoint Server 2013​​​KB4011251Download
​Project Server 2013KB4011249Download
​15.0.4989.1001​December 2017 CU​​​SharePoint Foundation 2013​KB4011588Download​​
​​​SharePoint Server 2013​​​KB4011593Download
​Project Server 2013KB4011589Download
​15.0.4997.1001​January 2018 CU​​​​SharePoint Foundation 2013​KB4011649Download
​SharePoint Server 2013​​​KB4011652Download
​Project Server 2013KB4011650Download
​15.0.5007.1000​February 2018 CU​​​​​SharePoint Foundation 2013​KB4011693Download
​SharePoint Server 2013​​​KB4011696Download
​​Project Server 2013KB4011694Download
​15.0.5015.1000​March 2018 CU​SharePoint Foundation 2013​KB4018299Download
​SharePoint Server 2013​​​KB4018302 Download
​Project Server 2013KB4018301Download
​15.0.5023.1001​April 2018 CU​​SharePoint Foundation 2013​KB4018345Download​​
​​SharePoint Server 2013​​​KB4018348Download
​Project Server 2013KB4018346​Download
​15.0.5031.1001​May 2018 CU​SharePoint Foundation 2013​KB4018394Download
​​​SharePoint Server 2013​​​KB4018397Download
​​Project Server 2013KB4018395Download
​15.0.5041.1000​June 2018 CU​​SharePoint Foundation 2013​KB4022184​Download
​15.0.5049.1001​July 2018 CU​​SharePoint Foundation 2013​KB4022239Download
​SharePoint Server 2013​​​KB4022241Download
​Project Server 2013KB4022240Download​
August 2018 CU
​​SharePoint Foundation 2013
SharePoint Server 2013​​​
Project Server 2013
September 2018 CU
SharePoint Foundation 2013
SharePoint Server 2013​​​
Project Server 2013
15.0.5075.1000​October 2018​SharePoint Foundation 2013​KB4461455​Download
​SharePoint Server 2013​​​KB4461458Download
​Project Server 2013KB4461456Download
​15.0.5085.1000​November 2018​​SharePoint Foundation 2013​KB4461508Download
​SharePoint Server 2013​​​KB4461510Download
​Project Server 2013KB4461509Download
​15.0.5093.1000​December 2018​​​SharePoint Foundation 2013​KB4461552Download​​
​​SharePoint Server 2013​​​KB4461555Download
​Project Server 2013KB4461553Download
​15.0.5101.1000​January 2019​SharePoint Foundation 2013​KB4461603Download​​
​SharePoint Server 2013​​​KB4461605Download
​​Project Server 2013KB4461604Download
​15.0.5111.1000​February 2019​​SharePoint Foundation 2013​KB4462150Download
​SharePoint Server 2013​​​KB4462152Download
​Project Server 2013KB4462151Download
​15.0.5119.1001​March 2019​SharePoint Foundation 2013​KB4462217Download​​
​SharePoint Server 2013​​​KB4462219Download
​​Project Server 2013KB4462218​​​Download
​15.0.5127.1001​April 2019​​SharePoint Foundation 2013​KB4464512Download
​SharePoint Server 2013​​​KB4464514Download
​​​Project Server 2013​KB4464513​​​Download​
​15.0.5137.1000​May 2019​​​SharePoint Foundation 2013​KB4464560Download​​
​​SharePoint Server 2013​​​KB4464563Download
​Project Server 2013​KB4464562Download
​15.0.5145.1000​June 2019​SharePoint Foundation 2013​KB4464598Download
​​​SharePoint Server 2013​​​KB4464601Download
​Project Server 2013​KB4464600Download
​15.0.5153.1000​July 2019​SharePoint Foundation 2013​KB4475523Download
​SharePoint Server 2013​​​KB4475526Download
​Project Server 2013​KB4475524Download
​15.0.5163.1000​August 2019​SharePoint Foundation 2013​KB4475559Download
​SharePoint Server 2013​​​KB4475561Download
​Project Server 2013​KB4475560Download​
​15.0.5172.1000 ​September 2019​SharePoint Foundation 2013​KB4475610Download
​SharePoint Server 2013​​​KB4484095Download
​Project Server 2013KB4484093Download
​15.0.5179.1000​October 2019​SharePoint Foundation 2013​KB4484118Download
​SharePoint Server 2013​​​KB4484121Download
​Project Server 2013KB4484120Download
​15.0.5189.1000​November 2019​​SharePoint Foundation 2013​KB4484153Download
​SharePoint Server 2013​​​KB4484155Download
​Project Server 2013KB4484154Download
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Office Web App 2013

To see which version of the OWA (also called the "Web Access Components" or "WAC") use the following PowerShell:  

Build Number
Build Name
Information Link
Download Link
March 2013 PU whoops
March 2013 PU
April 2013 CU
April 2013 Hotfix
June 2013 CU
August 2013 CU
October 2013 CU
December 2013 CU
MS14-001 Security Update
Service Pack 1
Service Pack 1 - Mark 2
April 2014 CU
Links in KB
June 2014 CU
July 2014 CU
August 2014 CU
October 2014 CU
November 2014 CU
December 2014 CU
January 2015 CU
February 2015 CU
March 2015 CU
April 2015 CU
May 2015 CU
June 2015 CU
July 2015 CU
August 2015 CU
September 2015 CU
October 2015 CU
November 2015 CU
No Updates
December 2015 CU
No Updates
January 2016 CU
No Updates
February 2016 CU
March 2016 CU
April 2016 CU
May 2016 CU
June 2016 CU
July 2016 CU
August 2016 CU
September 2016 CU
October 2016 CU
November 2016 CU
December 2016 CU
No Updates
January 2017 CU
No Updates
February 2017 CU
No Updates
March 2017 CU
April 2017 CU
May 2017 CU
June 2017 CU
July 2017 CU
No Updates
August 2017 CU
​​No Updates
September 2017 CU
​15.0.4981.1002​November 2017 CUKB4011247Download
​15.0.4989.1001​December 2017 CUKB4011587Download​
​15.0.4997.1001​January 2018 CUKB4011648Download​
​February 2018 CU​​No updates
​15.0.5017.1001​March 2018 CUKB4011692Download
​15.0.5023.1001​April 2018 CUKB4018344Download​
​15.0.5031.1001​May 2018 CUKB4018393Download​
​15.0.5041.1000​June 2018 CUKB4022183​Download​

Workflow Manager 2013
To see which version of Workflow Manager and Service Bus are installed, use the following PowerShell:
(Get-ChildItem -Path "C:\Program Files\Workflow Manager\1.0\Workflow\Artifacts\Microsoft.Workflow.Service.dll").VersionInfo
(Get-ChildItem -Path "C:\Program Files\Service Bus\1.0\Microsoft.ServiceBus.dll").VersionInfo
(Get-ChildItem -Path "C:\Program Files\Service Bus\1.1\Microsoft.ServiceBus.dll").VersionInfo
When you install Workflow Manager CU 1 you also have to install Service Bus CU1. Also make sure you patch the Workflow Manager client on SharePoint servers that are not running the Workflow Manager service. See more details on how to patch Workflow Manager on Andrew Connell's blog.

Build Number
Build Name
Information Link
Download Link
1.0.20922.0 (2.0.20922.0)
RTM - Service Bus 1.0 and Workflow Manager 1.0
1.0.30207.2 (2.0.30207.2)
CU 1 - Service Bus 1.0
1.0.30207.2 (2.0.30207.2)
CU 1 - Workflow Manager 1.0
1.0.40131.0 (2.1.30904.0)​
CU 2 - Workflow Manager 1.0
​1.0.51113.2 (2.1.40512.2)​CU 3 - Workflow Manager 1.0KB3104066Download​

AppFabric (Distributed Cache)

​It's okay to patch AppFabric.
DateBuild Name​​
Information Link
Download Link​
​3/27/2012CU 1​KB2671763Download
​​CU 2 (1.1.2116.2)
​12/12/2012CU 3​ (1.1.2118.2)KB2787717​​Download
4/12/2013​​CU 4 (1.1.2124.2)KB2800726​​Download
3/25/2014​CU 5​KB2932678​​Download
​4/21/2015CU 6​KB3042099​​Download
11/10/2015​​CU 7​KB3092423​​Download