Saturday, February 12, 2022

Azure VMSS VM Instance Status using powershell - Get-AzureRmVmssVM

 The below powershell script helps you to check the status of VM Instances inside a Virtual Machine Scale Sets. This will check the Status whether the Instance is Running or Deallocated/Stopped as some actions will not be allowed on a deallocated instance while performing on VMSS.

For Instance, I'm checking if the status is Running and then do any operation on the instance.

Get-AzureRmVmssVM -ResourceGroupName $nameprefix  -VMScaleSetName $key | foreach { $Id = $_.InstanceId; $vmssvm = Get-AzureRmVmssVM -ResourceGroupName $nameprefix  -VMScaleSetName $key -InstanceView -InstanceId $_.InstanceId; if($vmssvm.Statuses[$vmssvm.Statuses.Count-1].Code.Contains("running")){ Write-Host "vmid: " $vmssvm.Statuses[$vmssvm.Statuses.Count-1].Code}}

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